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ABOUT US The Address Business Academy help you start, build or expand your business, or improve your career opportunities!

MISSION To maximize human potential through Applied Knowledge, Best Practices and an Innovative Mindset



Our Aptitude As a professional training provider, we acknowledge that quality must be the foundation of our business strategy and will help us achieve our company objectives To introduce and maintain continuous quality education and training to nurture and enhance individual skills. To control operational costs through efficient systems and procedures. To encourage the process of life-long learning and outcomes-based education to comply with National Qualification Framework principles.

About the Founder

Dr Ahmed Salem the address business academy CEO studied MBA major Global Management and Marketing at Eslsca Paris Business School and completed a DBA at Eslsca Paris Business School with a focus in Human Resource Management. He spent 11 years working in pharmaceutical marketing in the sector of sales and marketing. He also taught management and, Marketing and HR classes at a lot of training centers and universities in Egypt. Ahmed has previously worked for more than 30 companies in the areas of corporate strategic planning, Marketing management and human resource management as a consultant.



EGS University – Paris is an international multi-campus university. While maintaining the highest academic standards, EGS focuses on giving individual attention to every student in their academic endeavors and providing them with a multi-cultural well-rounded experience in and out of the classroom. EGS University prides itself with its high – level of interactivity between professors and students in which creative thinking is encouraged and students are constantly motivated to go beyond the theories and data taught within lecture halls by applying skills acquired through real-world situations. EGS University is equipped with different laboratories and research facilities to allow our students to interpret their perceptions into practical exercises. Through this teaching method, students tend to develop strong analytical and cognitive skills which provide them with a foundation for their growth into successful professionals. As an international university, EGS provides excellent international programs, internships, academic exchange, and international recruiting